Backwashing System

“Universal Backwashing & Massage Unit…

Our innovative Backwashing & Massage Unit.

The UB&MU is a device that is operated by rechargeable battery and clings to any wall via brackets and or suction cups. The unit is very green friendly and can be made with non-corrosive plastic it contains an internal liquid soap dispenser, also offers removable and replaceable rotating brushes that can be interchanged with pads, and or massaging accessories’ to wash and massage the user’s entire back. (Clean and Stress Free)

In terms of convenience, this device is also portable the battery is rechargeable, the brushes are removable and has adjustable brackets to change between different heights, and is easy to fill and or drain liquid soap, lotions and oils. Additionally for large entities such as ‘Hotels and other large buyers ‘The UB&MU is fully customizable; the cabinet may have a variety of finishes including marble look, granite look, custom tile look, textures and a verity of color schemes shapes and sizes. Operating controls may also be customized which include wireless remote, digital read-outs and touch screen.

Due to the nature and design of this product, the possibilities for product placement are nearly limitless. Units could easily and readily be used in ‘Hotels & Resorts, gymnasiums, specialty spas as well as for new home developments and for the everyday home and or apartment dweller.

The Universal Backwashing system could turn any shower into a dream shower of relaxation and true comfort, a shower will never be the same after a shower with the UB&MU

Feeling stressed, having anxiety, tensed back muscles and or pains, a need to be relaxed, well finally you will be able to enjoy a shower sent from (‘Heaven) all in the comfort of your ‘Hotel room and or home.This is where Luxury and ‘Comfort meets!Finally a need being met with style and ‘comfort.

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